Yaaaaay 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 I have 50 Followers on my little blog. Thank you very much for following I know many might consider this to be a small number and feel the need not to celebrate it, but in the spirit of celebrating small wins, I would celebrate this. I started this blog about 3 months ago… Continue reading 50 Followers


Smoked Mackerel Sauce

Hello there, How is your Saturday going? Mine is going well, I was watching a world cup game before electricity went off. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am sure most of us will be having our Sunday rice. Why do most people eat rice on Sunday mornings? Is it in the Constitution or something 😂?… Continue reading Smoked Mackerel Sauce


My Song Playlist | May 2018

Music is everything, everything. I am currently listening to "Growing up" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ed Sheeran. I seriously do not understand how missed it when the song initially dropped in 2015 . Ever since I found it now, I have been jamming to it non stop. I am no music expert but… Continue reading My Song Playlist | May 2018


How to Make Toast Bread (With and Without Toaster)

Everybody loves Bread, okay maybe not everybody, but at least most people that I know do. Many Nigerians homes have breakfasts that feature bread. Bread is easy to get, all you have to do I get up and go to the nearest store or supermarket. It can get boring though to eat the same Bread… Continue reading How to Make Toast Bread (With and Without Toaster)