How to save Mobile data on your Device (Part I)

Freaking hate these messages How on Earth did I use this amount of data over the past month? You have probably asked yourself this question over and over again, especially when you receive the message that your data bundle has been exhausted. By a show of hands, how many of you would love to have … Continue reading How to save Mobile data on your Device (Part I)


What Men Need to Unlearn 

The thoughts that are contained in this blog post should be taken seriously because many times guys or men do not know how to behave.
I am a guy and I have seen and heard first hand what most guys talk about.
I hope you enjoy this post. ✌️

Budding Regardless

This is the first of 4 ‘Unlearning’ posts that I will be sharing with you this month. This series will consist of my personal opinion and my mates’ opinions on ideologies that need to be unlearned.

What exactly is unlearning? It’s basically rethinking the roles we were assigned to from a tender age, it is practically the process of draining out some ideas you absorbed while growing up and it is to stop believing in certain things and start believing in new ‘realistic’ ones.

In this episode, the main focus is on men and what they have to unlearn to contribute in making the world a better place. What is destroying men up to this day is the mentality that you are weak if you show your emotion and the only one that seems to be acceptable is anger. Honestly, I am quite convinced this is why some…

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